monday musings |7.11.16| (+ our blogiversary!)

Happy 7/11, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your free Slurpees if you’re lucky enough to live in a state with 7/11s – sigh, Georgia.


Today is a very *special* Monday Musings because our little blog here has survived another year out in the blogosphere – we’re two years old! It’s been a long journey with lots of post edits, gchats and tweets in between, but we love getting to share little pieces of our lives with you guys (and have some great memories to look back on).

In my opinion, the best way to grow as a blogger is to familiarize yourself with others in the blogging community who you can relate to and who inspire you. This week, we’ve chosen a few links from some of our favorite blogs that we read every week – thanks for producing some of our favorite reads!

monday musings blog photo 7/11

The 13 Best Hotel Pools in the World

We’re starting off with this today because 1. I can’t with Monday and 2. would rather be at a pool than at my desk. These all look absolutely incredible – and one is even in E’s hometown! Looks like we’re checking out The Standard next time I’m in town!

To Blend or To Juice?

I’ve been trying to up my blending game lately – taking lots of tips from E and her awesome Vitamixing – but never quite understood the benefits to blending vs. juicing and vice versa. Because there’s no fiber left from juicing, the nutrients are absorbed right into the body – who knew? This article has some goods tips on how to know which one is right for you that day.

DIY Blanket Ladder Plans

Let me preface this by saying I am the FURTHEST thing from a DIY-er. I do a ton of work with DIY bloggers through my job, though, so I’m always checking out their neat projects and wishing I could make them for myself. I’ve always wished I had a pretty blanket rack, the likes of which we’ve all seen adorned in the ads for $300 Anthro blankets, but could never justify spending a bunch of money on one. In comes these project plans from Cherished Bliss and I think I’m finally ready to try my hand at DIYing this weekend…I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

What Not to Wear When It’s Super Hot Out

Does this even need an intro? Here in Atlanta we’re all experiencing some major heat waves. With so many fun festivals and outdoor events coming up, we can’t be kept inside, so these tips are great to follow. One of my new summer favorites is this sleeveless knit swing dress from Old Navy – perfect for pairing with a long necklace + cute sneakers.

Reading List: Lauren Conrad’s Top 10 Summer Books 

Our book club is one of the things I’m most proud of in my post-college days – we’ve successfully gotten through (about) a book a month and love getting to spend time together with our favorite girls. We’re always looking for new suggestions to read, though, so’s article comes at a perfect time! #1 on the list, The Girls, is our July book. I keep seeing it everywhere, so I’m hoping to discover a gem when I dive in. Anyone read it yet?

Thanks for sticking with us over the past two years, real friends + internet friends alike. Cheers to the next year to come!

xo, H+R