Miss us?

So…this is awkward.

The inevitable return from a blogging hiatus always is, though, isn’t it? I wish we had a better excuse other than the fact that life has just been…BUSY! If you’re not familiar with our lives, Emily and I are both full-time PR girls working in agencies. For those of you who work in agency life, you get this; if you don’t, google it and you’ll start to get an understanding.

That’s not to say, however, that we’re not absolutely in love with what we do. Even throughout long days and too many emails, we’re lucky to get a chance to flex our creative muscles and collaborate with amazing people every day. Working in PR gives you opportunities you never knew were right around the corner. Digital PR in particular is a constantly evolving field – getting the opportunity to learn something new every day is invaluable…and getting to make decks about Snapchat while you’re working on numbers in Excel ain’t too shabby either.

But back to blogging – to give you the rundown, the two of us are sitting in a coffeeshop in Venice and planning our return to the blogging world. It’s something that we both run into every day with work (hi, blogger relations) and something we have a passion for – and you should stick with the things you’re passionate about, right?

Tom's Venice 3

Tom's Venice 2


Fellow blogger friends, any ideas on keeping up to blogging speed while trying to juggle full time jobs (and some semblance of social lives)? We’re working on planning content, designing a new logo and ramping up our social channels to keep you guys updated on what’s new. Fingers crossed we’ve figured it out this time!

taste of atlanta 2015

In all honesty, this post would probably be more accurately titled “ALL THE FOOD”, but for the sake of propriety, we’ll keep it like it is. This past weekend brought with it Taste of Atlanta, one of Atlanta’s favorite events for culinary lovers and casual snackers alike. The festival, now in its 14th year, is held in the heart of Midtown and serves food, beer, wine, cocktails and more to thousands of festival-goers.

Despite living in Atlanta for 14 years (and loving food for 24), I had never been to ToA, so when a few coworkers of mine suggesting getting tickets, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out! We got general admission tix for Saturday – VIP is a whole different story, with an entire separate tent, but ya girl’s living on a budget. The great thing about the tickets is that while you pay $25 for admission, you start with 10 “points” to try, so that’s $10 of tastings included with your admission. This year, they used a cashless wristband system – THIS. WAS. THE. BEST. Props to whoever thought of this, because it was a game changer. To sample items, all you had to do was scan your RFID wristband on a reader – no cash, no cards and most importantly, no messing around worrying how much you’ve spent on tiny fried mac and cheese balls.

We started our day with our pre-loaded 10 points, as you can re-up your points inside the festival if need be. There were tents with food as far as the eye could see – little bites from some of Atlanta’s favorite and best-known restaurants. Because a. we were starving and b. we have very short attention spans, we stopped at the first tent we saw…but were not disappointed! The Barrelhouse was serving up Buffalo Mac & Cheese Bites with Avocado Ranch – as our friend Kevin so perfectly put it, “that’s basically just a bunch of buzzwords of things that I love” – and it was! They were super yummy and a great start to the day. Let’s put avocado ranch on everything from now until forever…k?

To get our bearings, we wanted to see more of the festival before making any more decisions. We wandered up and down, stopped at a few more places (Woody’s Cheesesteaks – one of my favorites in Atlanta!) and played in the Coke SocialBox for a little while. Another great thing at ToA were the free samples – though the smaller plates from restaurants cost points, there were lots of vendors sharing free takeaways which added to the fun: Whole Foods, Barefoot Wine, Sabra and many more. We even walked away with a block of Havarti cheese (hellooo, happiness)!

The rest of the day was filled with a bunch of awesome choices, including:

Oh, and gratuitous pic of these “Gangster Fries” from Bellwoods Social House because our friends ordered them and they were too good not to share.

Overall, even in the pouring rain, it was a great event full of too many great choices to try. I’ve definitely added a few new places to my radar and will be putting this event on my list for next year. What were some of y’alls favorite dishes?

our favorites for fall: atl edition

We made it! Fall is my favorite season of the year, complete with all the basic awesome things we’ve come to know and love: booties, sweater weather, college football and (because I’d be lying if I didn’t say it) pumpkin everything.

Fall is also one of the best times in this state of mine: the leaves are changing and it’s getting cool but it’s not cold enough to avoid the outdoors. With so much going on, though, it’s easy to feel totally overwhelmed with all the events coming up. It’s completely wonderful, but does anyone else feel like every weekend until December is already booked up? For the Queen of the Homebodies over here, it can be stressful to look at your calendar, even when you’re excited for everything that’s to come.

So where do we come in? Not to worry, fellow organizers: I’ve laid out my top five events to hit in Atlanta (and the surrounding area) this fall so you can hopefully plan ahead for fun…just don’t forget to schedule in some down time too!

null (2)

1 // Taste of Atlanta — Apologies because this one’s coming up (0 to 100) reeeeal quick, but I just couldn’t leave it off the list! Now in their 14th year, TOA is being held Sept. 25-27 at Tech Square in Midtown. Attendees will get to enjoy eats from tons of amazing Atlanta restaurants, live cooking demos and more. Depending on whether you get regular or VIP tickets, your day can consist of a bunch of different tasting experiences. I’ll be there on Saturday and am planning on trying out options from 1Kept, Bangkok Station (satay! ahh!), Bhojanic, Gu’s Dumplings and more. General admission tickets are only $25 and you can get them here. I’m sure I’ll have more than a few food pictures to share after this weekend!

2 // Ponce City Nights — This might be my favorite one of the whole list. You know we’ve been waiting for Ponce City Market to be open and in all its splendor for quiiiite a while…and it’s finally here! There are more than a few stores open now, including Anthropologie, West Elm and J.Crew, along with the Central Food Hall. They’ve also recently launched a concert series, Ponce City Nights, taking after New York’s Chelsea Market, held every other Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. The best part? It’s totally free (other than inevitably running into Anthro and picking up a few things)!

3 // Little 5 Points Halloween Parade & Festival — If you’re a Halloween lover at any level, you can’t miss L5P’s holiday parade & festival – one of the top 10 Halloween events in the country! Held on Saturday, October 17th, the festival will feature loads of local artists, food from Atlanta vendors and of course,  the best parade in the Southeast. The festival runs from noon ’til 11 p.m., but you can catch the parade starting at 4:00. Get there early for a good time and enjoy some of the official festival beer from Wrecking Bar Brewpub!

4 // Chomp and Stomp — Cabbagetown’s annual Chomp and Stomp is one of the few Atlanta things I’ve never done, but I’m thinking of trying it out this year after reading about it. Stick with me, y’all: the day begins with a “an easy, flat 5k” followed by a breakfast of beer and a chili-tasting for lunch. The festival also features an artist market and a stage for games like BRUSSELS SPROUT BOBBING. Running, beer, eating chili and bobbing for things. Isn’t that what fall is all about?

5 // Oktoberfest — Alright, so this is technicalllly not in Atlanta, but if you’ve ever been around in fall, you know it’s the place to be. This year is Helen’s 45th Oktoberfest (crazy!) – it runs from mid-September through November 1 and features German-style bands, dancing and lots and lots (and lots) of beer. Tip: Sundays are free, so head up there if you’ve got one to spare!

Friday fatigue is calling me to limit it to five, but if we missed anything, leave it in a comment below – can’t wait to see you all out and about this fall!

make a statement: warby parker’s fall collection

Warby Parker is a brand that’s been on our radar for a while. Their eye for detail, on-trend frames + emphasis on social good makes them our go-to shop for the perfect pair.

Their much anticipated Fall Collection launches today and includes styles with rich reds, golden browns, cool greys + other harvest hues to get you ready for pumpkin spice latte season autumn. Best of all, every frame is be available through their free Home Try-On program. That’s right – pick your fave frames, they send them to you (for free!) and you can try them on before deciding on a purchase.

We’ve picked four of our favorite styles from their new line and paired them with the perfect fall ensembles:

1 // otis antique shale fade  2// simone tea rose fade
3// caspar jet black  4// barnett quail egg grey

Our go-to look would be the Simone Tea Rose Fade – the perfect frame to pair with boyfriend jeans, a tee and sneaks. What’s your favorite style from the new line? Head over to their site and let us know in the comments below!

do, eat, see: Bangkok

Can I get a YAAAAAAS for finally being on vacation? *raises hand emoji, confetti emoji, margarita emoji*

We’ve just returned from Thailand and what a wonderful week it was. We (we being the six of us: the fam unit including one of my cousins who has been interning in SG this summer + the beau) started out with a few days in Bangkok, exploring city life and learning more about Buddhist culture and finished our holiday in Phuket resting and enjoying the beautiful beaches. More to come on island life later!

Bangkok was totally new for me: my first time in Asia out of Singapore and my first time in a place here I couldn’t understand the language…at all. Having a working knowledge of English and French got me around most places in Europe just fine and Singapore is an English-speaking country, so seeing writing in different characters and hearing people speak in an entirely undecipherable language was something totally new. It was definitely a shock! Bangkok, however, is pretty urban – luckily for us, most people in the city center speak at least a bit of English.


Wat Paknam Bangkok

Wat Paknam

Wat Paknam Bangkok

Wat Paknam

As we only had two days/three nights in each city, we wanted to make the most of our short time. If you’re ever planning a visit, here are my recommendations on what to do, eat and see:

– do –

Bangkok canal tours – For our first day in Bangkok, we arranged a tour of the famous canals (also know as klongs) in the city. Sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the East”, Bangkok has an extensive network of canals through more rural parts of the city to access floating markets, temples and homes. We hired a longtail boat, Thailand’s famous cruisers, to get us around. The boats are basically super-long, skinny boats powered by some type of engine that they may or may not have taken out of a truck. The boat took us to two temples, a local weekend market, a Thai orchid garden and an artist’s house for a traditional Thai puppet show. It was a super neat way to see around more of the more rural parts of the city.

Our tour guide, Nui, was absolutely fabulous and was a great guide around our sights – if you’re ever heading to Bangkok, I’d recommend checking out their company, Pandan Tours!

Longtail boat Bangkok

Longtail boat

Floating vendors Bangkok

Floating vendors

Noodle boat Bangkok

Noodle boat!

Chatuchak weekend market – The largest market in all of Thailand, Chatuchak is definitely worth a visit if you’ll be in Bangkok over a weekend. The market has over 8,000 stalls selling everything from plants and antiques to clothes and electronics. You can’t see it all, so pick and choose a few alleyways to wander down and be ready to bargain! You can bring the price down a few hundred baht or so if you a. go in with a price you want to pay (ex: don’t pay more than 200-300 baht for clothing), b. walk away (or act like you will) – there will always be another stall with the exact same item – and c. carry small bills to pay with. We picked up some cute elephant pillowcases, loose pants for plane rides, lots of soccer jerseys and a knockoff Beats pill (Dad…). There are literally thousands of stalls to see, so it’s a perfect place to get inexpensive, cool gifts for your friends and family back home.

– eat –

Everything – Is this an appropriate answer? We tried to get our hands on local cuisine while we were there, as it’s an experience in itself to try different Thai foods. We ate noodles out of a boat that passed us on the canal (cooking right on their boat!), lots of noodles at a weekend market and tried other snacks like homemade ice cream and mango sticky rice.

Pad thai – This seems like the obvious choice, but every time we got pad thai, it was amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking to have great local food that isn’t tooo adventurous. Just don’t forget to add lots of spice! 🙂

An extra travel tip: since the hotel we stayed at had a stellar concierge lounge, we ate here often. Look to see if the hotel you’re staying in has one and if you can get access – for six people, it saved us a ton of money and we got some great food in the comfort of the hotel!


Noodle boat noodles


Pad thai

– see –

Lots of Buddhist temples – While we were there, we got to visit four temples: Wat Paknam, Wat Pa Chaeng Lane, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho. Each was very different, with varying degrees of ornate decorations or a focus on different representations of Buddha. Wat Paknam’s green pagoda was really something – you can see in the photo above that the ceiling was covered with Swarovski crystals. Wat Pho was my other favorite – this is the temple of the leaning Buddha – it’s 46 meters long (HUGE)!

The views from a rooftop bar – Bangkok has tons of awesome rooftop bars to enjoy a few drinks and get an unmatched view of the city. Sky Bar is the most famous now, as it was featured in The Hangover 2, but we tried out one near our hotel called Above Eleven at the suggestion of one of my friends. It was awesome! The view was well worth the excursion.

Soi Cowboy – You didn’t think I was going to write a post about what to see in Bangkok without including Soi Cowboy, did you? Soi Cowboy is a little street in Bangkok that’s famous for its nightlife and bars – mostly gogos – that caters mostly to tourists. Most of the bars have patios to sit outside and take in the sights…or you can go inside and be prepared to see lots of scantily-clad girls dancing. Not the least awkward thing to do with my parents and baby sister, but it’s a popular part of Bangkok culture that you should try to check out while you’re there.

Wat Pho Bangkok

Wat Pho

Tuk Tuk rides Bangkok

Tuk Tuk rides

Wat Paknam Bangkok

Wat Paknam

Wat Paknam Bangkok

Wat Paknam

Above Eleven Bangkok

Above Eleven

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy

I would say we definitely made the most of our 2.5 days in Bangkok – lots of exploring, adventuring and trying new things. It was a big change from Singapore, but a cool place to visit nonetheless and somewhere new for me to check off the bucket list. Next post: living the island life in Phuket. There was lots to do, eat and see there too…so check back soon!

singapore adventures

Well, you all may have noticed I’ve been a little off the blogging grid lately – I promise it’s worth it though, as I’ve been soaking up every last memory of Singapore I can get my hands (okay, fork) on.

For those of you who don’t know me, my parents moved to Singapore for work last year. Over the last 10 months, it has been a big adjustment (more on that later), but we’ve made it through. The four of us are super close, so there’s been lots of FaceTiming at crazy hours, tired emails and too many Snapchats for our own good – it’s a 12 hour time difference, so imagine only being able to chat early in the morning or late at night and you can start to get the picture.

The bright side of this, though, is having a crazy awesome place to visit and explore (not to mention a great jumping-off hub for visiting most of Asia and beyond). We came for a week last year over Thanksgiving, but this time I’m here for a month, so I’m getting to experience so much more of city life. I’m spending two weeks working in my agency’s office here – perks of having a super sweet global agency network to work out of – and two weeks on holiday. Now that I’ve got a week of work under my belt, I’ve finally gotten the hang of the basics: transportation, customs, etc., but there’s still a lot to learn.

I started work bright and early Monday morning after landing earlier that day (took off from Atlanta at noon on Saturday, so it’s a long haul! Read my tips for lengthy travel here). My colleagues have been so welcoming and great, helping me get set up and making sure I’ve had friends to eat lunch with each day. So far, they’ve taken me to a few local eats to get Japanese, Chinese and Indian cuisine (and helped me order because I’m the foreigner who can’t pronounce anything). My favorite was the Muslim Indian food at Akbar 24hrs Indian Muslim Food – a place I wouldn’t have given a second look if I had passed it on the street. We got some roti prata (OMG, where has this been all my life) and I had bee hoon goreng (noodles), while trying some of their roti john and murtabak. I was also introduced to the Milo Dinosaur, a local drink that’s like their version of Ovaltine or Hershey’s powder and is super delicious. On Friday, we all went for coconut ice cream, which was served in a coconut and perfect for a hot day (well…they’re all hot days here).

While everyone always talks about how expensive Singapore is (and don’t get me wrong, it can be), some of the best food can be found at the cheapest stalls and basement cafes I would never have known about on my own. Hawker fare is a little tougher to figure out as a foreigner, but it’s worth the effort for the taste + the price tag! Most people are more than willing to help you figure it out if you don’t know what something is, not to mention that most of the stalls in Singapore include photos of their food, which makes it much easier to decide. It’s true when they say you can spend $200 or $3 on a meal and be just as happy with either.

[slideshow_deploy id=’519’]

I’ve also gotten to do a bit of exploring with the family since being here. My parents live in a pretty busy area, so it’s easy to walk to the MRT (public transportation/subway) and lots of fun restaurants and shops. I’m also guilty of making them go to all of the places I bookmarked on Yelp to visit and try the best local food – so far, so good! Ramen, thai noodles, chicken rice and more local eats have been some of our best adventures so far. While you can get almost any cuisine imaginable in SG (there’s a California Pizza Kitchen and a Chili’s right down the road), I’m trying to eat the best of what’s local and learn some new favorites.

This weekend, we conquered some old and new sites: the Singapore Food Festival, a celebration of some of the best chefs whipping up modern spins on local fare, the Chinatown market and food street and the ArtScience museum, which featured exhibits on Singapore over the years, Dreamworks animation and Sea Creatures of the Deep (NOPE). It’s Singapore’s 50th anniversary of their independence, so there’s a LOT going on surrounding their heritage and pride for their country. The Golden Jubilee weekend is in August and I’m so excited we’ll get to be here for it!

Overall, the first week has been a bit of an adjustment, with my work schedule being 12 hours ahead of my team, overcoming a bit of jet lag and trying to decide what to see/eat next. We leave for Thailand later this week, so I’ll try to update on my favorite things I saw there, but check us out on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with my day to day!

Signing off from the future,

one year blogiversary

We’re celebrating more than the weekend here at H+R – it’s our one year blogiversary! Time flies when you’re trying to create the perfect mood board (that’s the saying – right?).  This past year brought new beginnings, travels, brunching and exploring and we can’t wait for year 2! Here’s what we’re loving this Friday from some of the blogs that have inspired us along the way:

1 // 10 Successful Women Share Their Morning Routines, by My Domaine

2 // Adult Slushies, by Cupcakes and Cashmere

3 // A Guide to Packing the Perfect Picnic, by LaurenConrad.com

4 // Summer Garden Whipped White Bean Dip, by How Sweet It Is

5 // 10 Outdoor Patio Ideas Giving Us Room Envy, by Waiting on Martha

So here’s to the next year of fun, inspiration and lots of new reads. Can’t wait to see what year two holds!

summer bag essentials

Though it definitely already feels like it in Atlanta, this weekend officially marks the start of summer. (Sunday also happens to be Father’s Day AND the summer solstice, so be sure to make plans to soak up the longest day of the year with dad!)

To both of us, a perfect summer means one thing – travel. Weekend trips, week-long vacations and even month-long adventures (more on this later!) are in the works and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s safe to say that we both inherited the wanderlust gene and are always scheming + dreaming about our next places to cross off our lists.

E just got back from Yosemite, an amazing trip that I’m sure couldn’t be done justice through lots of snapchats but still looked oh-so-incredible and is prepping for a Fourth of July vacation to San Diego, while I’m gearing up for a weekend in Chicago and then a month of working + visiting my family in Asia which I still can’tevenbelieveishappening. With so many trips in order, the fun has to wait until you can get done with the dreaded preparation, also known as packing (or more commonly referred to as every girl’s worst nightmare). While I’m always going to remember things like socks, shirts and black jeans (obviously), I always seem to forget the fun stuff. It’s the last thing on my mind, but the first thing to make a trip super fun. Luckily, we’ve got you covered – here are our essentials to the perfect summer bag:

Summer Bag Essentials


ONE // the perfect suit. With as much time as we (and hopefully you) plan to spend at the water this year, it’s a no-brainer that having a bathing suit that’s A. fashionable and B. comfortable is a necessity. I recently bought a new one from overseas at Triangl, the creators of the color-blocked neoprene suit trend and am absolutely in love – however, if you’re looking to pay a little less and avoid the high international taxes, you can try this one from Rotita or this one from VS.

TWO // a bag to get through it all. You can’t have the perfect summer bag essentials post without the perfect bag, right? For us, simplicity and versatility are key. You want something you can use throughout the summer that can transition from the beach to daytime errands to taking work to the coffee shop. We love this one from Nordstrom and this bright choice from J. Crew.

THREE // lip products with spf. Did we emphasize that enough? If you’ve ever gone out in the sun for a while and NOT used a product with SPF on your lips, you know where we’re coming from. Trust me: lip. sunburns. are. the. worst. I wish them on none of you and only on your worst enemies. This Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15 is my absolute favorite, sun or no sun – a hint of color and super moisturizing. I recommend it in rosé!

FOUR // dry shampoo. What did we do in the days before dry shampoo? (Well, baby powder, but #ratchet, so) I’ve been on the hunt for a while for a good one and fell in love after I got this Klorane one in my Birchbox. It’s a winner in my book (plus it snagged the Allure Best of Beauty award, so I trust it). It contains oat milk extracts and never leaves any yucky color or residue behind. I’ve never been one to get that super awesome beachy hair, so this is a lifesaver.

FIVE // good sunnies. I’m sure we all have 50 pairs of sunglasses laying around, but this season, I’m really loving the new color mirrored trend. The ones pictured above are the ones I’m currently lusting after – Ray-Bans, of course. For a cheaper find, these ones from LOFT are only $24.50 and are 40% off right now!

SIX // a captivating read. Last but certainly not least, you’re going to need a good book (or a few) to get through the summer, whether you’re at the pool or hanging out in the park. We’re just working on starting a monthly book club with a few friends and our first choice is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I haven’t started yet (sorry guys), but have heard it’s a great one. If you have any other suggestions for good summer reads, please let me know – gonna need quite a few on two 24-hour plane rides!

What else do you guys always keep in your summer bag? Tell us below – there’s always room for more!

P.S. – Wanted to put the selfie stick in here, but avoided it for you guys. You’re welcome.


Summer Style // clover cloth

clover cloth - Alana Littler, Heather Cereghino, Emily Emshoff - Photo by Amanda Michaels-Zech - 01

You may have seen a few Instagrams or tweets from us across your feed about clover cloth, a new clothing line out of Los Angeles. To make a long backstory short, the PR company where I work decided we were going to start a clothing line with all the free time that comes with running a boutique firm 😉 What started as a passion project has quickly turned into a growing clothing line and another reason I love my job.

The Spring/Summer 2015 Collection features tanks and tees with bold messaging, bright colors and gold embellished designs that can be worn to drinks or in down dog. Created with the belief that mindfulness doesn’t trump style, clover cloth was made for the style-savvy girl who wants to make a statement with her clothes and her social consciousness — she wants to spread love, do good and look good.

Locally conceptualized, designed and produced in LA, clover cloth‘s cuts are made with 100% organic, fair trade cotton, grown using sustainable irrigation systems and manufactured by employees making twice the minimum wage. Every clover cloth purchase plants a tree and each season’s limited edition design supports a specific social cause. This season’s limited edition design is the ‘Free Everyone’ tank where 25% of the proceeds are donated to Save Elephant Foundation – a non–profit organization dedicated to stopping elephant trafficking, slavery and abuse in Thailand. Anyone who knows me knows saving the world is on my (very long) to-do list, so Free Everyone is easily my favorite style. K, on the other hand, loves the IM POSSIBLE tank and has been spotted once or twice rocking clover cloth on her travels near and far.

Get your hippie glam on at www.clovercloth.com and keep up with clover cloth on Instagram + Twitter for updates + sneak peeks into the Fall/Winter line!


what we’re loving: june

Okay, so we’ve committed the cardinal sin of blogging – *shudders* – going an entire month without posting. All the apologies, but rest assured knowing we were out in the world living life and bringing back lots of lovely things to blog about for you fine people.

In a few words, May was full of visitors, vacations, weddings and time spent doing what we both love.

Now we’re here in June and ready for another great month (hopefully full of a lot more blogging time). It’s almost our one year blogaversary (EEP!), which means stepping up our game, so expect to see a lot more coming very soon.

June brings with it a lot of great things for both of us – here’s a roundup of what we’re loving this month, filled with bright colors, spring flowers and fresh eats:

[1/Style Me Pretty] [2/Park Floral Design] [3/Pinterest] [4/Cody Uncorked]

[5/The Everygirl] [6/Pinterest] [7/Free Spirit Salon] [8/Burkatron]

It’s all about color and freshness in June – even fresh new hair (yep, #7 is me)! Threw in a little DIY at the end there as E is working on lots of new ways to spruce up her new beach abode (more on that later). What are you all crushing on this month?