monday musings |7.11.16| (+ our blogiversary!)

Happy 7/11, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your free Slurpees if you’re lucky enough to live in a state with 7/11s – sigh, Georgia.


Today is a very *special* Monday Musings because our little blog here has survived another year out in the blogosphere – we’re two years old! It’s been a long journey with lots of post edits, gchats and tweets in between, but we love getting to share little pieces of our lives with you guys (and have some great memories to look back on).

In my opinion, the best way to grow as a blogger is to familiarize yourself with others in the blogging community who you can relate to and who inspire you. This week, we’ve chosen a few links from some of our favorite blogs that we read every week – thanks for producing some of our favorite reads!

monday musings blog photo 7/11

The 13 Best Hotel Pools in the World

We’re starting off with this today because 1. I can’t with Monday and 2. would rather be at a pool than at my desk. These all look absolutely incredible – and one is even in E’s hometown! Looks like we’re checking out The Standard next time I’m in town!

To Blend or To Juice?

I’ve been trying to up my blending game lately – taking lots of tips from E and her awesome Vitamixing – but never quite understood the benefits to blending vs. juicing and vice versa. Because there’s no fiber left from juicing, the nutrients are absorbed right into the body – who knew? This article has some goods tips on how to know which one is right for you that day.

DIY Blanket Ladder Plans

Let me preface this by saying I am the FURTHEST thing from a DIY-er. I do a ton of work with DIY bloggers through my job, though, so I’m always checking out their neat projects and wishing I could make them for myself. I’ve always wished I had a pretty blanket rack, the likes of which we’ve all seen adorned in the ads for $300 Anthro blankets, but could never justify spending a bunch of money on one. In comes these project plans from Cherished Bliss and I think I’m finally ready to try my hand at DIYing this weekend…I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

What Not to Wear When It’s Super Hot Out

Does this even need an intro? Here in Atlanta we’re all experiencing some major heat waves. With so many fun festivals and outdoor events coming up, we can’t be kept inside, so these tips are great to follow. One of my new summer favorites is this sleeveless knit swing dress from Old Navy – perfect for pairing with a long necklace + cute sneakers.

Reading List: Lauren Conrad’s Top 10 Summer Books 

Our book club is one of the things I’m most proud of in my post-college days – we’ve successfully gotten through (about) a book a month and love getting to spend time together with our favorite girls. We’re always looking for new suggestions to read, though, so’s article comes at a perfect time! #1 on the list, The Girls, is our July book. I keep seeing it everywhere, so I’m hoping to discover a gem when I dive in. Anyone read it yet?

Thanks for sticking with us over the past two years, real friends + internet friends alike. Cheers to the next year to come!

xo, H+R

long-distance relationships: BFF edition

It’s that time of year again: graduation. Every May, the dreaded bittersweet last moments in college towns give way to first steps in the real world for many seniors. It seems like that was E and I just yesterday…but can you believe three years has passed?

I think I speak for both of us when I say the biggest transition (other than not being able to take mid-day naps) is adjusting to the inevitable fact that your friends aren’t going to live next door anymore. Friends that used to be 30 seconds away are in different cities, on different coasts and in different time zones.

E and I at graduation, circa 2013 (eek!)

E and I at graduation, circa 2013 (eek!)

Annual reunion trip in 2015 <3

Annual reunion trip in 2015 <3

Our friend group spread far and wide after graduation – a tight-knit group that had lived together for three years is now a plane ride away from one another. One thing we can say, though, is that after three years, we’re still best friends and stay involved in each other’s lives on a daily basis.

Staying friends and supporting your BFFs from across the country takes time and effort, but it’s always worth it. Co-authoring a blog is one way to make sure you stay in touch (hint hint), but if that’s not your scene, here are our best tips to stay in touch with long-distance BFFs:

1. Make Gchat your new best friend – Gchat is the lifeblood of young professionals everywhere. Think of it as AIM, but for grown-ups (and without cute Dashboard quotes in your profile). I use the Hangouts extension for Chrome, allowing my chats to stay docked at the bottom of my screen. Emily and I use this as our primary way of communicating – it’s a great way to stay in touch as everyone is usually in front of a computer screen all day!

2. Set a standing phone date – Yes, young people, even we have to pick up the phone and call people sometimes to keep in touch. It can be hard to connect online with friends who don’t have a desk job or are in different time zones, so pick a time that works for both of you and set an hour out of your day to catch up. The most important part? Sticking with it! Things come up from time to time, but be sure to make your friends a priority before canceling to catch another episode of Scandal.

3. Snail mail – Sending small, thoughtful gifts can be one of the best ways to let your friends know you’re thinking about them. Flowers are a great way to celebrate life events (like graduations – proud of you Pharmacist Gin!) and can be affordable if you find a coupon from Gilt or Groupon. You can even split amongst friends to make it cheaper – ain’t nobody got $50 to spend on a bouquet, am I right? Another fave? Cookie delivery. Whether it’s a breakup, a promotion or, let’s be real, any day of the week because cookies are everything, treats are always welcome and a sweet (pun intended) way to appreciate your friends.

4. Travel! – My one rule about missing long-distance friends is to try to plan the next time you’re going to see them before you separate from the last trip. I find this helps with the sadness, as you can say “see you in a few weeks/months!” instead of “not sure when I’ll see you again.” I recently went to visit E in LA (more on that later) and our goodbye was made less upsetting by knowing I’ll see her in Atlanta for Labor Day! One of the benefits of the real world is real money and even though we don’t have a lot of it, travel to see friends has been one of the best things to spend it on so far. I recommend searching on sites like Kayak or Expedia and subscribe to the emails from your favorite airline to see their deals.

No matter the way, a little effort goes a long way to keep in touch with those who will always have your back. What are some of your favorite ways to stay in touch with long-distance friends? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @highlandandrose!

Miss us?

So…this is awkward.

The inevitable return from a blogging hiatus always is, though, isn’t it? I wish we had a better excuse other than the fact that life has just been…BUSY! If you’re not familiar with our lives, Emily and I are both full-time PR girls working in agencies. For those of you who work in agency life, you get this; if you don’t, google it and you’ll start to get an understanding.

That’s not to say, however, that we’re not absolutely in love with what we do. Even throughout long days and too many emails, we’re lucky to get a chance to flex our creative muscles and collaborate with amazing people every day. Working in PR gives you opportunities you never knew were right around the corner. Digital PR in particular is a constantly evolving field – getting the opportunity to learn something new every day is invaluable…and getting to make decks about Snapchat while you’re working on numbers in Excel ain’t too shabby either.

But back to blogging – to give you the rundown, the two of us are sitting in a coffeeshop in Venice and planning our return to the blogging world. It’s something that we both run into every day with work (hi, blogger relations) and something we have a passion for – and you should stick with the things you’re passionate about, right?

Tom's Venice 3

Tom's Venice 2


Fellow blogger friends, any ideas on keeping up to blogging speed while trying to juggle full time jobs (and some semblance of social lives)? We’re working on planning content, designing a new logo and ramping up our social channels to keep you guys updated on what’s new. Fingers crossed we’ve figured it out this time!

one year blogiversary

We’re celebrating more than the weekend here at H+R – it’s our one year blogiversary! Time flies when you’re trying to create the perfect mood board (that’s the saying – right?).  This past year brought new beginnings, travels, brunching and exploring and we can’t wait for year 2! Here’s what we’re loving this Friday from some of the blogs that have inspired us along the way:

1 // 10 Successful Women Share Their Morning Routines, by My Domaine

2 // Adult Slushies, by Cupcakes and Cashmere

3 // A Guide to Packing the Perfect Picnic, by

4 // Summer Garden Whipped White Bean Dip, by How Sweet It Is

5 // 10 Outdoor Patio Ideas Giving Us Room Envy, by Waiting on Martha

So here’s to the next year of fun, inspiration and lots of new reads. Can’t wait to see what year two holds!

what we’re loving: june

Okay, so we’ve committed the cardinal sin of blogging – *shudders* – going an entire month without posting. All the apologies, but rest assured knowing we were out in the world living life and bringing back lots of lovely things to blog about for you fine people.

In a few words, May was full of visitors, vacations, weddings and time spent doing what we both love.

Now we’re here in June and ready for another great month (hopefully full of a lot more blogging time). It’s almost our one year blogaversary (EEP!), which means stepping up our game, so expect to see a lot more coming very soon.

June brings with it a lot of great things for both of us – here’s a roundup of what we’re loving this month, filled with bright colors, spring flowers and fresh eats:

[1/Style Me Pretty] [2/Park Floral Design] [3/Pinterest] [4/Cody Uncorked]

[5/The Everygirl] [6/Pinterest] [7/Free Spirit Salon] [8/Burkatron]

It’s all about color and freshness in June – even fresh new hair (yep, #7 is me)! Threw in a little DIY at the end there as E is working on lots of new ways to spruce up her new beach abode (more on that later). What are you all crushing on this month?

friday vibes.

reunited in atlanta on a friday afternoon and it’s the very best thing.

octane coffee // little tart bakeshop // yalla @ krog street market // ladybird grove & mess hall

new year’s resolutions

Cheers, long time no see and a happy 2015 to you all! It’s been (as for most of you, I’d expect) a busy holiday season with family and loved ones in town. One entire side of our family was here, including a home full of 16 or so from toddler to grandmother – sounds chaotic, but a full house makes for my perfect Christmas.

We, as in we Highland & Rose, have also been reunited this month! Emily returned from LA a little over a week ago to spend the holidays in Atlanta with the rest of us. Complete with Tacky Christmas-ing, brunching and a certain to be crazy New Years-ing tonight, being home and together is just the greatest.


Yep, we still dress up in ugly sweaters to look like we’re 15. Owning it.

So, New Years…the dreaded pinnacle of 20-something partying, always set up to be a glittering night like something out of a movie that usually ends up with far too many sweaty photos and a not-so-nice feeling in your head on January 1. New Years does, however, bring with it the exciting feeling of embarking on something (for lack of a better word) new, a fresh start. When I was younger, I had always sort of thought that resolutions were stupid and that if you wanted to do something, you should start today and not wait around for an arbitrary date. While I still totally agree with starting anytime, the beginning of a new year is a time to take a look at what you’ve done over the past year and set some goals for what’s to come.

[Read more…]

Austin to LA

Between road-tripping across the country, moving to a new city and starting a new job I have been a little (ok, a lot) MIA on the H&R-sphere.

It’s officially starting to hit me that L.A. is now my city and I couldn’t be happier about this new chapter. But before I start down all-things LA on here, I wanted to share a few highlights from the rest of my road trip.



I was so excited to get to Austin not only because it’s such a great city, but because two of my best friends lived there. Alexis is an ATX-native and was in the same sorority as me and K at UGA. Laura was another UGA-bestie and she moved to Austin in January this year.

Saturday morning Alexis and I started the day off with a little kick-boxing action at Fight Club – a gym that she opened in Austin. We did it all through college, and when graduation came and Alexis moved back to Austin she brought her passion with her and we are so proud of her. Check it out if you’re ever there and are in need of a serious work out!

After our late breakfast we headed over to Town Lake and went paddle boarding, and it was awesome. I had wanted to try paddle boarding for a long time now, but it’s usually done in the ocean or a bay and I’m terrified of the ocean (aka sharks). I thought the hard part of paddle boarding would be trying to balance on the board, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Turns out the hard part isn’t balancing, but the paddling that turns it into a real workout. There was something so serene about being in the middle of a busy city while also being outside and enjoying nature.

photo 2

Paddle-boarding on Town Lake!


The next adventure of the day: Lick. Guys – the ice cream here is amazing. Between Lex and I, I’m pretty sure we tried nine different flavors before we each narrowed it down. I had the dark chocolate olive oil & sea salt and the tangy toasted coconut, while Lex had peach thyme & goat cheese and land of milk & honey. Definitely an instant Austin-fave.

photo 1

I was too busy enjoying my ice cream to actually get a picture of it.

That evening I met up with Laura and we ventured over to Rainey Street – more of a hip, ‘trendy’ neighborhood. We ate dinner at Banger’s which was an outdoor biergarten and gourmet hot dog restaurant. I’m not a huge hot dog or sausage person and Laura is a vegetarian, but both of our meals were excellent. We started with Wisconsin cheese curds, which I had never had but Laura raved about them, and they did not disappoint. 


Can you tell I like food yet?

The ambiance of this place was so fun and laid back. I could spend hours out there under the string lights with a Austin-brewed beer and listening to music. We had an eventful night out at the bars on the famous sixth street and we said our (sad) goodbyes because early the next day, my parents and I hit the road once again headed to Arizona. 

The rest of the roadtrip consisted of a lot of this:


Walt and Jesse – are you out there?

Miles and miles… and miles later this was a happy site:


When we crossed the California state line it started to hit me that we were headed to my new home, in my new state. We eventually exited the 10, pulled into the apartment and Drew and I were finally reunited in our new home 🙂 We rapidly unloaded the car and fled to the nearest sports bar to watch team USA. 



Next post: my L.A. bucket list for the remainder of the summer. But let’s be honest – does summer in LA ever actually end? Stay tuned!



all great deeds.

“all great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.” – Quote from Albert Camus.

Introductions are funny. As much as we think about ourselves (okay, so maybe it’s just me), as soon as we have to put it out there, we dry up. I figured, however, we couldn’t start this project without laying the foundations and telling our story…so here’s our ridiculous beginning:

Go Bravos.

The simple thought behind this little blog: two girls, two states, two coasts – one thing to keep us together. Both living and breathing social, we read and read (and read) blogs until one day we thought, “why not us?” Having lived in the same city for the past five years (Athens, then Atlanta), when post-grad life hit us and E packed up her bags and headed for the Pacific, we knew a coast-to-coast blog was the thing to keep us together and keep us writing, while sharing our experiences and steps along the journey here.

To make a long story short: read the “about me” page. In case no one reads that (which would be okay, because “about me”s are the worst thing to write, right?), we met at the University of Georgia a few years back when we both joined the same sorority, our first fledgling step into the social circle that becomes your entire life for four (or five or six) years. College was college, Athens was Athens and the most perfect four years that ever existed came to be – fast-forward through ups and downs and not enough nights in the Classic City and we’re here, in the real world, working and living living and working. I’ll be writing from Atlanta, Emily from Los Angeles and both of us on everything in-between (lifestyle, travel, fashion, food…you get it).

The last question we’ll probably get- the name? If you haven’t figured it out already, we took our inspiration from two well-known roads in our cities: Highland & Rose Avenues, respectively. The simple beginning took a lot of brainstorming and many too many text threads (sorry, J), but as soon as we threw it out, it stuck – and here we are.

Welcome to the blogosphere, H&R!