About Us

We had always known a blog was coming. For two girls who spend their days reading, writing and scrolling through news feeds, it was a natural extension of our love for lifestyle. After spending five years together throughout college and beyond, separation anxiety set in when one half of our pair followed her path to California.

Gateway Concert

As we thought (and thought and thought) about this little blog, the ideas flowed until we waited on one thing: a name. One to combine our two new lives, together and apart: two main streets in our cities, ATL and LA (Highland and Rose Avenues). So, here we are, the two of us behind this little thing. One East Coast, one West Coast. One Atlanta, one Los Angeles. A way for the two of us to stay connected across the country while connecting with the things we love in the blogosphere.

About Us


Hi! I’m Kristen. I’m a twenty-something Tina Fey-wannabe living & breathing social media (my job and passion). I’m the Atlanta half of this duo and recently changed up my ATL journey by moving ITP (in the perimeter, city snobs) to begin my life as a working girl. I’m a neat freak who ends up with messes, a multitasker who lives by to-do lists. Those who know me best would tell you I’m a lover of all things simple, a wannabe francophile (salut!) and never more than two feet from my phone (a blessing and a curse).


Hi! I’m Emily, the west coast side to this thing. Still seems crazy to think that California is where I live now; that Los Angeles is my home, at least for a little while. I was born and raised in Atlanta (#FILA) and other than my four years in Athens, Ga.where K and I met, that’s where I’ve been for 23 years. I always knew that I wanted to live in a different big city for a while during my twenties and Los Angeles was always on the short list. After lots of thinking, pro/con lists and a few trips out here, I decided to take a leap of faith. I packed up my car and drove across the country to my new home in Santa Monica.

Like K, I have a passion for all things social. I am also a lover of the environment and sustainability – always trying to find a way to combine my passions for writing and PR with social good and making a positive impact. Most recently working at a nonprofit in Atlanta, and now continuing my career in L.A.