monday musings |6.6.16|

It’s June, what? Anyone else feel like 2016 has been the fastest year on record? As K settles back in from her dream-vacay in Asia (more later), we’re welcoming summer with open arms and sharing some of favorite things for the week ahead.

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How to Balance Your Day Job and Your Passion Project 

Anyone with a blog or side hustle can relate to the feeling of needing more hours in the day. With our hectic careers in PR, our days (and nights) can be full and our blog is the first to become neglected. Read on to see how to do it all.

Color Schemes for Every Room

While neither of us are homeowners yet, many hours have been spent dreaming (and ‘pinning’) what our future homes will look like. Shutterfly makes it easy to visualize what the rooms in your house will look like with different color schemes. Simply pick a room, a color and they provide options from ‘Modern’ to ‘Rustic.’ Serious #DesignInspo.

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel More This Year

We think it’s safe to say everyone has travel on their summer to-do list, but if you need more motivation here are 10 more reasons to just GO. Any recommendations for weekend getaways from Atlanta and LA? Hello, summer hours.

Strawberry Shortcake Grilled Doughnuts

‘Tis the season for firing up the grill for just about every meal. The combination of one of our favorite desserts with doughnuts and on the grill? Happening.

xx, H+R