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Miss us?

So…this is awkward.

The inevitable return from a blogging hiatus always is, though, isn’t it? I wish we had a better excuse other than the fact that life has just been…BUSY! If you’re not familiar with our lives, Emily and I are both full-time PR girls working in agencies. For those of you who work in agency life, you get this; if you don’t, google it and you’ll start to get an understanding.

That’s not to say, however, that we’re not absolutely in love with what we do. Even throughout long days and too many emails, we’re lucky to get a chance to flex our creative muscles and collaborate with amazing people every day. Working in PR gives you opportunities you never knew were right around the corner. Digital PR in particular is a constantly evolving field – getting the opportunity to learn something new every day is invaluable…and getting to make decks about Snapchat while you’re working on numbers in Excel ain’t too shabby either.

But back to blogging – to give you the rundown, the two of us are sitting in a coffeeshop in Venice and planning our return to the blogging world. It’s something that we both run into every day with work (hi, blogger relations) and something we have a passion for – and you should stick with the things you’re passionate about, right?

Tom's Venice 3

Tom's Venice 2


Fellow blogger friends, any ideas on keeping up to blogging speed while trying to juggle full time jobs (and some semblance of social lives)? We’re working on planning content, designing a new logo and ramping up our social channels to keep you guys updated on what’s new. Fingers crossed we’ve figured it out this time!