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Well, you all may have noticed I’ve been a little off the blogging grid lately – I promise it’s worth it though, as I’ve been soaking up every last memory of Singapore I can get my hands (okay, fork) on.

For those of you who don’t know me, my parents moved to Singapore for work last year. Over the last 10 months, it has been a big adjustment (more on that later), but we’ve made it through. The four of us are super close, so there’s been lots of FaceTiming at crazy hours, tired emails and too many Snapchats for our own good – it’s a 12 hour time difference, so imagine only being able to chat early in the morning or late at night and you can start to get the picture.

The bright side of this, though, is having a crazy awesome place to visit and explore (not to mention a great jumping-off hub for visiting most of Asia and beyond). We came for a week last year over Thanksgiving, but this time I’m here for a month, so I’m getting to experience so much more of city life. I’m spending two weeks working in my agency’s office here – perks of having a super sweet global agency network to work out of – and two weeks on holiday. Now that I’ve got a week of work under my belt, I’ve finally gotten the hang of the basics: transportation, customs, etc., but there’s still a lot to learn.

I started work bright and early Monday morning after landing earlier that day (took off from Atlanta at noon on Saturday, so it’s a long haul! Read my tips for lengthy travel here). My colleagues have been so welcoming and great, helping me get set up and making sure I’ve had friends to eat lunch with each day. So far, they’ve taken me to a few local eats to get Japanese, Chinese and Indian cuisine (and helped me order because I’m the foreigner who can’t pronounce anything). My favorite was the Muslim Indian food at Akbar 24hrs Indian Muslim Food – a place I wouldn’t have given a second look if I had passed it on the street. We got some roti prata (OMG, where has this been all my life) and I had bee hoon goreng (noodles), while trying some of their roti john and murtabak. I was also introduced to the Milo Dinosaur, a local drink that’s like their version of Ovaltine or Hershey’s powder and is super delicious. On Friday, we all went for coconut ice cream, which was served in a coconut and perfect for a hot day (well…they’re all hot days here).

While everyone always talks about how expensive Singapore is (and don’t get me wrong, it can be), some of the best food can be found at the cheapest stalls and basement cafes I would never have known about on my own. Hawker fare is a little tougher to figure out as a foreigner, but it’s worth the effort for the taste + the price tag! Most people are more than willing to help you figure it out if you don’t know what something is, not to mention that most of the stalls in Singapore include photos of their food, which makes it much easier to decide. It’s true when they say you can spend $200 or $3 on a meal and be just as happy with either.

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I’ve also gotten to do a bit of exploring with the family since being here. My parents live in a pretty busy area, so it’s easy to walk to the MRT (public transportation/subway) and lots of fun restaurants and shops. I’m also guilty of making them go to all of the places I bookmarked on Yelp to visit and try the best local food – so far, so good! Ramen, thai noodles, chicken rice and more local eats have been some of our best adventures so far. While you can get almost any cuisine imaginable in SG (there’s a California Pizza Kitchen and a Chili’s right down the road), I’m trying to eat the best of what’s local and learn some new favorites.

This weekend, we conquered some old and new sites: the Singapore Food Festival, a celebration of some of the best chefs whipping up modern spins on local fare, the Chinatown market and food street and the ArtScience museum, which featured exhibits on Singapore over the years, Dreamworks animation and Sea Creatures of the Deep (NOPE). It’s Singapore’s 50th anniversary of their independence, so there’s a LOT going on surrounding their heritage and pride for their country. The Golden Jubilee weekend is in August and I’m so excited we’ll get to be here for it!

Overall, the first week has been a bit of an adjustment, with my work schedule being 12 hours ahead of my team, overcoming a bit of jet lag and trying to decide what to see/eat next. We leave for Thailand later this week, so I’ll try to update on my favorite things I saw there, but check us out on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with my day to day!

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one year blogiversary

We’re celebrating more than the weekend here at H+R – it’s our one year blogiversary! Time flies when you’re trying to create the perfect mood board (that’s the saying – right?).  This past year brought new beginnings, travels, brunching and exploring and we can’t wait for year 2! Here’s what we’re loving this Friday from some of the blogs that have inspired us along the way:

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So here’s to the next year of fun, inspiration and lots of new reads. Can’t wait to see what year two holds!