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the california countdown is over

because it wouldn’t be complete without an OC reference, right?

this will probably be my shortest (and sweetest) post, but wanted to keep you guys updated — I will be leaving for the airport in t-minus one hour to head on my first trip to California to see the other half of H&R, eeeee! lots of sun, food, fun, drinks, more food, beach, etc. to be shared, but we’ll probably be on our instagram and twitter most of the time, so look out for us there!

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expect a large, lovely set of recap posts when I return next week…au revoir!

tastes to try: creature comforts brewery

This weekend brought with it many things: the beginning of september, a wonderful extra day off and the best of the three, the start of college football. we (yes, we — the both of us, finally reunited!) headed up to our alma mater in Athens to enjoy the most perfect of days filled with drinking, eating, friends and more drinking/eating.

highland & rose

finally reunited!

Emily & Drew flew in on Friday afternoon and unfortunately were a little late to our brewery party, but while waiting for our California friends to arrive, we headed over to the new brewery in town to check it out for ourselves. While most people in town know Athens’ beer scene for the popular Terrapin Beer Company, a new brewery opened last year in the middle of downtown that as a craft beer lover (#drinklocal), I had been dying to try.

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. opened this past April in downtown Athens, taking over the old Snow Tires building. Started by some beer pros who had been working across the state and country (read about them here), it’s great to see another brewery on the scene of the eclectic drink scene of the Classic City. Upon entering, I was surprised to find lots of space and an open tasting room filled with long tables for visitors and a sleek, modern but whimsy feel.

creature comforts breweryvia the creature comforts facebook page

The brewery currently has four beers on tap to try, their year-round choices (their website says they’ll be releasing seasonal flavors come winter): bibo, tropicalia, reclaimed rye and athena.

Bibo, a pilsner, had a nice, light flavor that wasn’t overwhelming. It was my favorite out of the four. Tropicalia was a close second, an IPA with fruity undertones. I had tried this one earlier at lunch at Trappeze (an Athens favorite of mine), so I knew it was worth the visit. Reclaimed Rye was definitely the heaviest of the four, with a darker color as it’s aged on french oak. Still – for how dark it was, I expected it to be much heavier and enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t too crazy. Athena, a German-style wheat beer was the most unusual – not your average wheat beer. It tasted almost like a beer and white wine mixed – different, but refreshing for the summer months!

Creature Comforts Brewery


Creature Comforts Brewery is definitely a lovely new addition to downtown and to the always-changing Athens beer scene and I hope it’ll be around for a while. (I did forget my glasses in Athens to add to my collection, though, so if anyone wants to send me some more…feel free!)

The only thing better than beer? A Dawgs victory. I won’t go into too much detail, as I know not all of our readers are dawg fans, but if you follow college football at all, you know there’s no feeling quite like being back in your home stadium with 90,000 of your best friends cheering and screaming (and sweating, because omg humidity) their way to victory. I managed to snap a nice panorama from our seats during the fourth quarter:

Sanford Stadium, Georgia vs. Clemson

Sanford Stadium, Georgia vs. Clemson

All in all, a perfect, wonderful weekend spent in the Classic City surrounded by good times and great friends. There are tons of new tastes we’re dying to try in Athens that have opened since we left, but those will have to wait…until next time. 🙂