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beauty spotlight: july must-have

I’m not a huge “spend hours getting ready” person. Never have been, probably never will be. I, like any other girl, enjoy primping a little from time to time, but am not the type to spend hours perfecting my face in the morning over another 30 minutes of sleep (#sleepovereverything).

That being said, I’m wholeheartedly invested in the key beauty products I do use. I will never understand drawers upon drawers of products: I’m more of a “quality over quantity” type girl here – invest in what you love and it will be enough.

As I mentioned before, Atlanta summers are hot. Real hot. Braves games, outings in Piedmont Park and even a patio brunch can be enough to send you into crazy sweat sticking-to-the-seat mode (don’t act like you don’t know). There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day and cleansing the dirt away.

Enter my new best skincare friend: Suki’s Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. I would venture so far as to say this stuff might be the most amazing thing to ever happen to face wash. I got a sample in my Birchbox last month and I was immediately sold. The cleanser itself is a mixture that has a texture like sand, but once you rub it on, it foams and exfoliates perfectly. The mix of lemongrass & chamomile makes the smell enough to make you want to keep using it, but it doesn’t hurt that it works great, too. The only downfall? It’s a little pricey at $32.95 for a large jar, but…trust me on this one.


I’m a new convert to the world of Birchbox and (despite initially being a little skeptical) I’m in love. E convinced me to sign up a few months ago and I have fully enjoyed every product I’ve gotten so far. It’s definitely worth the effort to put in the time to customize your beauty profile to get the right products for you!

If you’re looking to try it out, I would fully recommend it – at only $10/month, it’s basically Netflix for your beauty routine (yep, I went there) and makes each month’s mail more exciting (because who doesn’t like to get packages). Sign up using this link and you’ll even help me out a little, too! 🙂

Have you guys gotten anything good in your Birchbox lately? Comment & let me know – I love hearing what others received in their boxes that month!

to-do list: summer in atl edition

If you’re anything like me, your life revolves around to-do lists. Not a day goes by that I don’t start with a fresh list, empty check boxes and a looming sense of satisfaction to be had at the end of the day when those tiny squares are crossed off.

Every morning, I also start with an e-mail in my inbox from one of my favorite sites, Thrillist. Side note: Little did I know this was supposed to be a men’s site, but if you’re sending me e-mails about rooftop bars, I’m just going to assume this is for chicks, too. Thrillist has pages for most major cities (I think Emily has since updated her subscription to the LA edition) and is an awesome way to find out about new restaurants and cool happenings in your city.

A few weeks ago, I received my daily list on “A Hood-by-Hood Guide to ATL’s Best Patios” and it got me thinking – 1. Patios, yes, a thousand times yes. 2. As it’s my first summer in the city, I need to take advantage of the exciting things Atlanta has to offer.

The Midway PubThe Midway Pub (I actually visited last week for the USA game) – Photo via FB

So, in an effort to put everything in an easy place to cross off for mental satisfaction, here we go: my to-do list, summer in ATL edition:

1. Attend a festival in (or around) the city.

There have been so many great beer/food/music/arts festivals lately and I feel like I’ve only just begun to experience the awesomeness that is the Atlanta festival scene. After wandering around the Inman Park Festival and Virginia-Highland Summerfest, a whole other side of weekend fun was unveiled to me. A few I’m looking to attend this summer: the Grant Park Summer Shade Fest and the the Decatur BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass Festival.

2. Take advantage of the outdoors.

Atlanta Beltline
Atlanta Beltline, via FB

While it’s hot here over the summer – they don’t call it Hotlanta for nothing, amIrite (no, seriously – don’t call it that.), there are still some great places to get outside during the summer. As it’s my first year being stuck under florescent lights all day, time in the sun is more precious now than ever. While Piedmont Park is a popular favorite (deservedly so), the Atlanta Beltline is one of the single most awesome things in Atlanta. Per their website, “The Atlanta Beltline is a sustainable development project that will provide a network of public parks, multi-use trails and transit along a historic 22-mile railroad corridor circling downtown and connecting many neighborhoods directly to each other.” Basically, it’s a giant trail around the city made for walking, running, biking, rollerblading, etc. Being the Atlanta native, Emily introduced me to the trail a few months back, allowing me to consider myself a “cool” Atlantan who knows what’s what about the trail. I’ll actually be running my second 5K on the Beltline this weekend, so wish me luck!

3. Peruse the soon-to-be-newly-opened Krog Street Market.

This one’s for you, E – I know you’ve been waiting for this since the announcement came out that a new market was planned for your neighborhood. The eagerly-awaited Krog Street Market is finally set to open this summer/early fall and I can’t wait to put on my ATLien shoes and explore like the local I (now) am. With tenants like Hop City Beer & Wine, Little Tart Bakeshop and Jeni’s Ice Cream, it’s safe to say I’m going to be spending some time (and calories) here.

4. Catch some tunes outside.

Concerts in the Garden
Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Concerts in the Garden – Photo via website

Among many things, Atlanta shines in the realm of great outdoor music venues. From concerts in Chastain to those in the Botanical Gardens, I’ll definitely be getting some good listening in around the city. While I’ll be in California the weekend of Sept. 19-20 (say it with me: YAAAY), a don’t miss outdoor music event this summer is the biggie: Music Midtown. Featuring artists like Eminem, John Mayer, Lorde and Zac Brown Band, it’s going to be an awesome time in Piedmont Park.

5. Cross a few lot more off the restaurant bucket list.

Back to my Thrillist e-mails — there are so many new restaurants and dishes they’ve sent me to try in Atlanta that I couldn’t possibly narrow them all down. A few I’m looking to hit up this summer:

  • The Painted Pin – a bowling alley/pizza place/bar in my neighborhood (Buckhead)
  • The General Muir – a place I’ve been dying to go for brunch since my love affair with brunch began (but more on that later)
  • Bar Amalfi – okay, so I’ve already been here, but it was so awesome I’m dying to go back. Look, guys – you can order Antico pizza to an outdoor bar with couches and umbrellas. It’s basically everything.
  • Republic Social House & Cameli’s – because what list would be complete without some rooftop restaurants to drink at? These two are supposedly some of the best.

There we have it: My long-but-short-enough-to-actually-be-accomplished-in-a-few-months summer list.

What am I missing? Anything you guys would suggest? Always looking for new places & things to try!


So the journey begins.

My parents always knew that I wouldn’t be staying in Atlanta forever, both to their excitement and dismay (#onlychildprobs). When the prospect of Los Angeles became more serious, my mom asked for one thing: to make the move into a road trip with her and my dad. So we piled into my car and drove for seven days, stopping in three cities and a total of 38 hours in the car.


Our first stop of the trip was New Orleans, “The Big Easy.” This was my first time in New Orleans, and Louisiana for that matter. My parents have been many times for the famous jazz festival and the French Quarter fest – my dad has been more than 20 times! As the biggest music lover I know and member of a jazz/blues band, my dad was in his element.


We spent the first day wandering the French Quarter and wandered into a bar (on Bourbon Street, of course) for the USA vs. Ghana game not five seconds before Clint Dempsey scored the first goal for the U.S. 29 seconds into the game. Talk about an exciting first Bourbon Street experience. 

That evening we went to the famous Preservation Hall to see live jazz. The venue opens at 8 p.m. but you have to be in line by 7:00 at the latest in order to get in. There’s usually a small cover charge, and sometimes you don’t even know who will be playing. When you walk in you are transported directly back into the 1920s. With no food or drinks served and and no air conditioning, this is truly a no frills place. Most of the audience is standing shoulder to shoulder in this small, dimly lit room. My parents and I managed to get a seat on the floor on the side of the room and at 8 on the dot, a six-piece jazz band waltzed in a began to play traditional NOLA-style jazz. You could feel the history of some of the greats who had graced the stage before them, such as George Lewis and Sweet Emma Barrett. Definitely a place I’ll go back to if when I visit New Orleans again. I’m feeling a Mardi Gras trip sooner than later. K – you in?

The next day was spent wandering, shopping, eating & drinking and exploring more of the French Quarter and beyond. The architecture in this city is so beautiful. I found myself constantly looking up at the wrap-around balconies, brightly colored shutters and the beautiful brick buildings that have stood the test of time.

We listened to music again this night, but wandered in and out of places hearing a couple songs at each. There’s a reason New Orleans is the jazz capital of the world. Music, delicious food and sites to see – what more do you need? Until next time, New Orleans.



all great deeds.

“all great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.” – Quote from Albert Camus.

Introductions are funny. As much as we think about ourselves (okay, so maybe it’s just me), as soon as we have to put it out there, we dry up. I figured, however, we couldn’t start this project without laying the foundations and telling our story…so here’s our ridiculous beginning:

Go Bravos.

The simple thought behind this little blog: two girls, two states, two coasts – one thing to keep us together. Both living and breathing social, we read and read (and read) blogs until one day we thought, “why not us?” Having lived in the same city for the past five years (Athens, then Atlanta), when post-grad life hit us and E packed up her bags and headed for the Pacific, we knew a coast-to-coast blog was the thing to keep us together and keep us writing, while sharing our experiences and steps along the journey here.

To make a long story short: read the “about me” page. In case no one reads that (which would be okay, because “about me”s are the worst thing to write, right?), we met at the University of Georgia a few years back when we both joined the same sorority, our first fledgling step into the social circle that becomes your entire life for four (or five or six) years. College was college, Athens was Athens and the most perfect four years that ever existed came to be – fast-forward through ups and downs and not enough nights in the Classic City and we’re here, in the real world, working and living living and working. I’ll be writing from Atlanta, Emily from Los Angeles and both of us on everything in-between (lifestyle, travel, fashion, food…you get it).

The last question we’ll probably get- the name? If you haven’t figured it out already, we took our inspiration from two well-known roads in our cities: Highland & Rose Avenues, respectively. The simple beginning took a lot of brainstorming and many too many text threads (sorry, J), but as soon as we threw it out, it stuck – and here we are.

Welcome to the blogosphere, H&R!